ABOUT ANDREA– I am a chef with a passion for healthy cooking and well being. I have been interested in organic food and health products for 14 years. I am looking forward to sharing healthy and fantastic recipes on our website and Facebook page! I am also a busy mom to four children.

ABOUT BOB – Thanks for visiting our site! I am the “other half” of Andrea Bruce Organics. I worked for FedEx for over 23 years and am enjoying applying my years of management and logistics experience to our new venture. I have two adult children who were raised to eat well and am now helping raise four wonderful healthy kids with Andrea. I am also our delivery driver in Calgary so see you soon!


We collect orders and regularly (currently every month) we put in large purchases from our distributors. The items come a few days later, are sorted into individual orders and either hand delivered in Calgary or sent out with Canada Post to the other parts of Canada.
Since our overhead is so low we are able to pass the savings to you. Even though it is recommended on many products to resell with a 50-100% markup we charge either 20% below retail or 15% over our wholesale cost as well as delivery charges. We are currently delivering for free in Calgary.

​We recommend watching for deals at local stores as specials are often passed along when these stores buy in bulk. We only buy what is ordered by our customers so you can be assured you are getting newer stock than what is sitting on store shelves. There always is a chance that the distributors are out of a certain product and if this happens we let the customer decide on back ordering or getting that item cost refunded.