Q – How does your business work? Do you have over 12,000 products on hand?

No, we generally don’t carry ANY inventory. Unlike a conventional store, we order what our customers have asked for. Of course this enables us to provide a “fresher” product and a greater variety of items.

For orders outside of the Calgary area we use Canada Post (within Canada) and DHL or FedEx internationally. Payments via email transfers have no payment surcharge but credit card and PayPal payments are charged 3%.
Once we have been running for a while we will offer another level of membership with all products being offered at wholesale and no delivery fee. Now THAT is exciting!
Currently we are ordering once a month but with growth we will move to biweekly, then weekly.
For now we are only offering shelf stable items but hope to expand to frozen and chilled in the near future.

Q – Why aren’t there pictures for all the products? 

A – As we have around 12,000 products available and are providing a discounted service we are adding images ourselves. We have over 9,000 product images loaded so far. If you would like to see a picture or more information on a specific item please send us a message at
connect@andreabruceorganics.com and we will send you the information right away!

Q – Is everything always in stock?

A – We do not store products in a warehouse here. We order straight from the distributor which ensures you have “fresher” products than at local retailers. The distributors we use pride themselves with their order rate but sometimes some items may be back ordered. If an item you ordered is not immediately available we will let you know and you have the option of cancelling that item or having us deliver it when it becomes available. Some conditions with out of Calgary deliveries may apply.

Q – Some products are only sold in cases. Can’t I only buy one?

A – It depends on what our distributors allow. In some cases you can get partial cases or even individual items. Often there is a  repack charge of 5% of the entire case cost. Starting soon we will be using a new website that will enable you to “split” cases. This means customers can anonymously share in the purchase of a case and we will split them up for you when they come in.

Q – How soon after I place my order will I receive it?

A – As we have specific order dates it depends on when the next order goes in and if you are getting home delivery in Calgary or Canada Post for outside of Calgary.  We will post order cut off and the expected delivery window for upcoming orders.