Aulterra EMF Tri Pack 1 pkg of 3 EMF’s


EMF Tri Pack – contains 3 stickers to neutralize the negative impact of dangerous EMF’s

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Studies, including one from the World Health Organization, have shown that electromagnetic frequencies(EMFs) from cell phones,cordless phones, microwave ovens, televisions and video gamescan cause damage to the human DNA. The Aulterra neutralizer, a small holographic disc, is the only product on the market today which has been scientifically proven to be significantly effective in reducing/neutralizing the harmful effects of EMF waves.

The Aulterra Neutralizer? is effective against

harmful EMF/RF radiation with any style of cellular phone.

  • Any antenna style
  • Any brand or model
  • Digital, analog or dual mode phones
  • New models as well as older styles
  • Simply Place The Aulterra Neutralizer Small Holographic Disc On Your Phone To Combat Harmful Radiation.The Neutralizer contains a proprietary blend of natural materials which neutralize harmful emissions.img-call
  • Three micro-thin layers of activated rare-earth elements produce the thinnest, most effective neutralizer ever.Electromagnetic fields are all around us. In their natural form they are harmless.

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