Shikai Lotion – Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) 8 oz


Hand & Body Lotion – Yuzu (Japanese Citrus)

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Hand & Body Lotion – Yuzu (Japanese Citrus) SHIKAI began 35 years ago with a vision. Dr. Dennis T. Sepp, an organic chemist with an interest in natural products and Dr. Vasant Telang, a pharmaceutical chemist with knowledge of auyervedic medicines, were interested in exploring the exceptional properties of several natural plants which are utilized in the care of skin and hair. They quickly honed in on the lathering and low pH cleansing properties of shikakai and its effectiveness as a truly natural shampoo. They developed an extract based on this plant and called it “SHIKAI”. This soap and detergent-free extract became the basis for the first line of shampoos and the name of a new company.

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