Sovereign Silver 236 ml


Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol – 10 ppm – Dropper

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Bio-Active Silver Hydrosol – 10 ppm – Dropper Discover why most stores choose to carry only Sovereign Silver as their colloidal silver. Much purer than Colloidal Silver, Sovereign Silver is Silver Hydrosol. It consists of only ultra-pure silver in ultra-pure water. Natural-Immunogenics is the only company on the market which documents through Electron Microscope the smallest average particle size ever seen (.0008 microns / .8nm). A University of Miami study confirms Sovereign Silver to be 96% active. This allows for an astonishingly safe and effective concentration of only 10ppm which will outperform all other brands up to 500ppm. In a largely unregulated category, Sovereign Silver has emerged as the Gold Standard.

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